A Matter Of Justice by Christy Reece

A Matter Of Justice

By Christy Reece

  • Release Date: 2018-04-17
  • Genre: Suspense
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Their past is complicated, their future is deadly.

She came from nothing and was no one until an evil man formed her into the perfect weapon, a beautiful creature of destruction. Capturing her prey held few challenges, until her target and her heart collided, and then the world came down around her. Irelyn Raine has worked hard to bury her past, but escape isn’t always possible, especially when the one man she trusts above all others throws her back into the hell she swore she’d never revisit. Now Irelyn has no choice but to face down her demons. 

Grey Justice lives by a standard few would approve or understand. Gaining justice for victims can be a messy business, and the outcome isn’t always pretty. One woman knows all his secrets—the one woman who could break him. Irelyn Raine is his weakness and his strength, his shame and his redemption. 

Someone else knows all their secrets, all their sins, and he’ll use everything within his power to destroy what they’ve built together. 

Surviving alone isn’t possible, but can they find their way back to each other in time? Or will one of them be left behind? This time, forever?

No one escapes justice.


  • Betrayal, Courage, Forgiveness, & Redemption

    Betrayal, Courage, Forgiveness and Redemption The final novel in the Grey Justice series tells of Grey and Irelyn’s relationship from the very beginning and takes us to their very Happily Ever After. These two so belong together. This is a story of betrayal, courage, forgiveness, and redemption. Grey and Irelyn have a very complicated relationship. Their relationship started off in deception and death and had formed into an unlikely partnership. Their past always hung over them. They reached a point in their relationship where their connection was damaged and they no longer trusted each other. After a few years of separation, Grey and Irelyn work through their issues and get their connection back and they’re as strong as ever. They got to the point where it was time to put the past in the past. The previous books in the series gave indicators that something major had happened to them when they were younger which brought them together and was perhaps the cause of their somewhat love/hate relationship. I had no clue of what to expect and their story is heartbreaking as well as captivating. All of the previous characters from the series are here and working together. While this is the last book in the series, it was written so that I was left completely satisfied and so happy to know their story. As I have come to expect from Christy Reece, A Matter of Justice is a well written, fast paced, page turning romantic suspense novel. Wonderful male and female characters that are strong individuals with flaws and who overcome a horrible past. I recommend reading this series in order as I think you would appreciate their relationship more. A favorite read of mine.
  • So Worth the Wait

    By kandcmommy
    Christy Reece has outdone herself. I have wanted Grey and Irelyn’s story since the first book in the series Nothing to Lose. This book had everything you can want. Action, answers, villains and of course the happily ever after. I could not put the book down. This book could be read without reading the books before but for those of us who have read them all this is the perfect ending to the series. Highly recommend this book. You will not be disappointed.
  • I Love Grey and Irelyn!

    By ShellyReyn
    Oh, how I love this series. All through the other books, you know there is a strong connection between Grey and Irelyn. You were given the hard-edged sid of both of them, with a smattering of the indication of love. Finally! Finally! We get to read their story. We become privy to the hearts of this couple, and how truly deep their connection is. Irelyn just up and left. And he let her. But the more he thinks about it, Grey has the feeling that Irelyn is up to something. Something that could get her killed. Can he find her in time? Can, together, they erradicate their past and hope for a future? I have always loved Grey. He's a lovable character, but to see how deeply he loves Irelyn, and the chemistry between them, I was swooning double-time. It was so great to see a glimpse of normalcy in their relationship - the honesty, the joking, and oh yeah, those steamy times! I can't wait to see what's next!
  • Justice!

    By KellyMcClure
    Where do I begin? The Grey Justice series has been an experience. From the very beginning, I have followed this enigmatic man and his growing group of trusted employees and friends. Every time I thought I had a piece of his puzzle figured out, another one would prove me wrong. I enjoyed learning bits and pieces over the first three books but I was absolutely ready for Grey and Irelyn’s story. And what a story! Christy Reece is phenomenal at creating characters that we identify with. She doesn’t try to conceal imperfections or cover up flaws with heroic deeds. She always gives us the good and the bad, the strengths and the weaknesses of everyone, even when it may skew our perceptions of them for a while. Irelyn was a mystery. We met her in the shadows, saw glimpses of her strength but didn’t really know how or why she was who she was. This is her story and it is not a disappointment. She is the ultimate survivor and I have never been more enthralled with finding the hidden facets of someone. Grey Justice is exactly who he claims to be. His past has shaped his present and his future is not a given. He is the hero, although most of the time the silent hero, for people who most need one. And Irelyn has been there through it all. But that doesn’t mean she always will be. Before Grey and Irelyn move forward, they have to settle the past. But when darkness and evil are so overwhelming, how do they find enough light to keep moving forward? This book, along with the three previous ones in the series ( Nothing to Lose, Whatever It Takes and Too Far Gone), are so much more than romantic suspense. This is the story of a man and a woman and a lifetime. It is the story of how life isn’t black and white, dark and light, yes and no. Life is all about the Grey. Everyone deserves justice. And sometimes, things may seem all wrong but on the other side of the mist, all is right with the world. You just have to get through the mist.